Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kitchen update 2 - The electrical

And there was light!
 Pardon our mess, the can lights were installed last night and look incredible! The living room cans are set on a dimmer switch for great movie lighting!

Here again is a before of the old wiring that was inside the wall and the light that was over the sink kind of hanging free there.

They cut grooves into the studs and put plates over the wires to move around the electrical wiring from inside the old soffit and added an outlet for the over range microwave.
 We also had our internet hardwired in for our Playstation, where we also stream Netflix or Hulu. Also a coax jack so we don't need to drag a cord across the room just to watch TV. It was wired into the old wall we tore down and snaked up through the air intake vent. 

 Here is the kitchen with temporary bulbs in for the pendant lights whenever I find them and the wall to the right with the new switch plate for the kitchen and dining lights (remember those were on the old wall).

And another view, a shot of the corner to the entryway. I am getting excited to start building that half wall behind the TV now.
(Yes, we are watching New Girl hehe)


Natalie said...

Beautiful! I am so jealous of the overhead lighting in the living room, I so badly want some in our house but it just hasn't happened yet. Keep up the great work and you'll be done in no time :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have any pictures of the finished kitchen? Would love to see how the pendant light over the sink turned out where you removed the soffett. We have the same situation in our kitchen's current remodel and I want to do a similar thing over our sink. Thanks!

Christy Constable said...

I do, here is the link for the reveal: